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    by Published on 04-03-2014 12:00  Number of Views: 4112 
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    Cryptocat, an open source encrypted web-based chat client, is now available for iOS Devices from the Apple's App store, which was initially rejected by the Apple last December.
    It is not clear why it was rejected previously, but the good news is that, now 'Cryptocat' is available for all iOS Devices. So far Cryptocat was only available for Linux and Mac OS X, and as an extension for web browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome 3, Apple Safari and Opera.
    Cryptocat has become quite popular in the wake of the NSA Controversy, because of its end-to-end encryption that doesn’t allow anyone in the middle to read your messages.
    by Published on 02-02-2014 12:00  Number of Views: 10862 
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    A pro-hacker group, aligned with president Bashar al-Assad, very well known as Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has again gained the media attention by adding the popular sites, i.e. eBay UK and PayPal UK to its victim list.
    After targeting websites of various media agencies, government organizations and big enterprises, including the latest defaced CNN and Microsoft, today they targeted and defaced the official websites of UK’s Ebay (ebay.co.uk) and PayPal (paypal.co.uk).
    The group also left a deface page along with a message on the hacked PayPal UK site: “Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army! Fuck the United States Government.”
    It is clear that the attack on PayPal could put millions of peoples' bank information at risk, but the group said that the attack is not to target account information of people instead was ‘Purely a Hacktivist Operation’ with the reason behind is the discrimination of Syrian citizens by PayPal company. ...

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